Women's large leather tote

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Color:  Brown
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  • Internal structure: two zipper pockets, two pocket-style storage areas, one zipper pocket on the mezzanine, two main large rooms, large, you can carry your clothes with you, iPad, perfume, mirror, lipstick and some saildy needs, back A large zip pocket can hold your phone, keys, cards or othes things. Two side upstanding zip pockets not only add to the bag for a more stylish look, but also put some of your electronics down.


  • Material: Ultra-soft, high-quality leather, fabric lining. Modern golden accessories.
  • Appearance: Top zip closure. Features adjustable, detachable crossbody straps for long, short shoulder / handbag straps.

  • Use: Fashionable, beautiful and practical, make this bag perfect! Elegant urban style. There are three ways to carry it: artificial, cross-body, one-shoulder. Ideal for dating, work, shopping, travel, office, school or other everyday occasions.


I am in love with this purse! It’s so beautiful that I just plopped it down on my desk at work and had to take a picture of it.

The quality of this bag is really great . i love the color and very stylish and the size is just great! it has so many pockets that you can put a lot of stuff .Has pockets on both ends and on the sides. As a mom i always have a lot of in my bags kids stuff like extra clorthes and diapers and other baby stuff thios bag gives me all the space i needed. it's worth the price.


I routinely overstuff my purses and beat them up pretty good, so I want one that will take a beating and hold all my stuff. This one fills the bill and looks good while it's doing all that. It fills my major requirements and then some.

Spacious, elegant, classy and a beautiful exoensive looking handbag. I love the style and u can use it on shoulders or arm.

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this purse!! Every year I get a new purse because I change color themes every year and I’ve while I’ve been satisfied with my other purses before, I never felt the need to get the same kind of purse but in a different color. But let me tell you, next year I’m SO totally getting this style again in another color!!

I had this bag for a year and a half. The shoulder strap connection on it finally broke. I'm surprised it took so long. My purse is so heavy that it routinely triggers the seat belt warning in the passenger seat of my car. I could have continued to use it with the shorter handle, and there was nothing else wrong with it, but I decided to just get a new one. So I'm on my second one now. I love this purse!

compartments all over the bag that help me keep the junk I throw into it more organized and its big enough that I can carry a book on top of my wallet and keys and a little more if I buy something at a store. Its the perfect size for me and the straps are sturdy unlike some bags I've owned where I worried it would snap, would highly recommend.
I love it I have been searching for a large durable purse that has lots of pockets. Not just a large open purse with two zipper Pockets. Many + large compartments for planned things and unplanned "throw in your purse" things.

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