Self Watering Bird

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Color:  Blue
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✅Perfect for frequent travelers

✅Automated care

✅Worry-free maintenance

Shocking statistics reveal that a staggering 70% of plants perish due to neglect and inadequate watering. Don't be a part of this alarming statistic. 

Save plants with this device !!!


Travel with Peace of Mind: Guilt-Free

Leave home without worry or guilt with our self-watering bird. It safeguards your plants during your travels, providing them with the hydration they need.

Enjoy guilt-free trips, knowing your plants will be thriving upon your return.

Thriving Plants, Fresh Indoor Air: The Ultimate Combination

Experience the symbiotic relationship between our self-watering bird and indoor plants.
Material: PS
Dimension: 16.6*7cm
This revolutionary device ensures your plants thrive, promoting optimal air quality in your home. Breathe in the refreshing benefits of lush, oxygen-rich greenery for a healthier living environment.

Try Completely Risk-free

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