2024 Innovative tabletop soccer goalie game

Color:  Multi Color


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An innovative board game designed, offers a reactive, entertaining, and competitive gaming experience.

Experience the thrill of soccer like never before with our cutting-edge gaming experience. Compete with friends in a fast-paced, action-packed game that puts your skills to the test. Control your goalkeeper with precision and agility as you defend your goal against opponents' shots. 

At the core of this unique experience is a clever gaming system for optimal responsiveness. 
Maneuvering the spaceship with the left hand and triggering precise strikes with the right hand through a robust spring rod mechanism enables quick lateral movements and the ability to execute impressively accurate strikes. Seasoned players can even master the ‘secret technique,’ propelling the ball directly towards the opponent’s goal without touching the board.

With advanced technology and immersive gameplay, our game brings the excitement of soccer right to your tabletop. 

Perfect for family gatherings, parties, or solo play, our game guarantees endless fun and excitement for soccer enthusiasts of all ages. 

From 4-player mode to 3-player mode and then to duel mode!  

Adjust striking power! Fight!

Get ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights with our 2024 innovation. Get your hands on the future of tabletop soccer gaming today!

The commitment to quality is evident in the choice of materials. The game’s shell, a blend of durability and elegance, is crafted from wood, while crucial components such as the motion rail and strike system are meticulously constructed from aluminum or steel. This attention to detail ensures more than just a board game but a lasting adventure in the world of gaming entertainment.

Net product size: 28*28*7 in

Package size: 32*32*12 in

Product weight: 44 lb